OUR BUILDING (circa 1880)

 At the turn of the last century when gold had been discovered in Rock Creek the Lum Family built a log building into a Chinese laundry and Trading Post for the Chinese miners. The family ran their business until 1927 when it was purchased by a local family and turned into a home. In the late 1960's Captain Joe Carson, a famed rock collector, turned it into a Rock Shop. He was well known for his locally mined 'Picture Rocks'. Several other businesses used the space until 2003 when Denise and Kent Blaker purchased the heritage site. After a few years of contemplation they became inspired by a trip to Costa Rica to roast their own coffee beans and open up a coffee shop. An expansion was built to accommodate the kitchen, bathrooms, and gift shop, and the business flourished for ten years. Little did anyone know that the local company that built the expansion would purchase the coffee shop a decade later. Now in 2015 Scott and Shirley Petrie are the new, very proud owners of the Rock Creek Trading Post! They plan on continuing producing absolutely excellent small batch roasted fair trade coffee and are expanding the menu to accommodate everyone's cravings.